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Letter From Dr. Cramer


My name is Courtney Cramer, DVM.† I have been a practicing Veterinarian since 1987 and own and operate four small-animal clinics.

For years I have been frustrated with the lack of fairly priced, high quality petchips that can be easily registered and monitored. Finally I did something about it!

At my office, we often find a pet with a chip but sadly are unable to track down the owner. We must first find the chip; we then have to figure out which company sold the chip; we then have to contact the company and get the information about the owner. Finally we can contact the petís owner, hopeful that the information provided by the company is accurate and current. This is a frustrating and time-consuming endeavor! Quite often we find that the owner had not even registered the chip in the first place, due to a high registration fee charged by the company. In fact, some forty percent (40%) of all microchips sold in the US are never registered!

I co-founded FreePetChipRegistry.com because I knew there could be a faster, more efficient, customer-friendly (FREE) system in which to register a petís microchip.† FreePetChipRegistry.com allows any pet owner to register ANY chip, worldwide, FOR FREE.  The pet owner can update the information anytime for free.  Registering the chip is very simple: Go to FreePetChipRegistry.com, enter the petís name, a basic description, a phone number and e-mail address. Thatís it! There is no fee to do this. It is absolutely FREE.   As a failsafe, we also track the veterinary hospital that takes care of your pet, as they may have more up-to-date information.  With your help, unregistered microchips will be a thing of the past.

Connecting the idea of a free pet chip registry with affordable microchips, I also co-founded 911PetChip.com. ††I co-founded 911PetChipô because I wanted a simple, low cost microchip and delivery system that all of my patients could afford.† I didnít want any misleading additional costs, where the chip required expensive registration or monitoring for it to work.† Further, I wanted it to be easy for any person scanning the chip to know, without having to look it up, which company made the chip.† 911PetChipô does all this.†††

911PetChipô offers a simple, low cost, high quality microchip that is compliant with the requirements of the International Standards Organization (ISO).† †The ISO frequency of 134.2 KHz is recommended by the AVMA, AAHA and ASPCA. Our microchip is easy to install and employs the latest 3rd generation Radio Frequency Infrared Device (RFID) technology by Philips Electronics - making the microchip very easy to locate and read. †We only sell ISO chips, which is the international standard. With our microchip there are no misleading, additional costs. The microchip costs $9.95. Registering and monitoring the microchip is FREE for life at FreePetChipRegistry.com.

By purchasing microchips from 911PetChipô, you are not only getting a better chip with the BEST PRICE AVAILABLE ON THE MARKET, with the MOST CONSUMER AND PET FRIENDLY registration policies and procedures, you are also taking a step toward helping solve the current U.S. pet Registry Data Base crisis.

I hope that you will give our microchip a fair trial. I am confident that you will agree with me that, finally, microchips are easy to use, and available to everyone at a fair price.

Kindest regards,

Courtney Cramer, DVM

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