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911PetChip™... Superior Products at Superior Prices

911PetChip™ is a leading provider of pet microchips.  We have microchip ID customers throughout the United States and Canada, and we offer FREE registration for life at! To create a FREE account, or to create a Found Pet Alert, just click the colored link to FreePetChipRegistry™ in the previous sentence .

At 911PetChip™ we offer the best combined microchip + registration price available, bar none! With 256 or 512 bit memory, our chips utilize the latest in RFID technology with enhanced reading distance and speed. Better chip, better price!

At FreePetChipRegistry™ your clients can register all of their pets for FREE for LIFE. There is never a fee to update or change the registration and we are open 24/7/365. Every 911PetChip™ that you purchase is PRE-REGISTERED to your clinic in the FreePetChipRegistry™ database BEFORE the chip even leaves our company. This insures that 100% of ALL our microchips sold are registered. While we strongly encourage that the chip is also registered to the pet owner (either by the Veterinarian, Rescue Group, Shelter, or the pet owner), if for any reason this doesn't happen, the chip is still tracable to the clinic that implanted it. Better process!

Our Co-founder, Courtney Cramer, DVM is an active member of the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA), the Washington State Veterinary Medical Association (WSVMA) and the California Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA) and has been practicing veterinary medicine since 1987.

Chief Executive Officer: Jon J. Dyer
Co-founder: Courtney M. Cramer, DVM

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Microchip sales: 818-445-3022
Microchip registration & Found Animal Alert™ services: 888-546-7615

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Universal World Scan Plus

Universal World Scan Plus

Universal Scanner: reads ANY brand of microchip; 134.2 kHz, 128 kHz, and 125 kHz (encryped and non-encrypted) microchips – 1 year warranty.



911PetChip™ - 20 Pack (12 gauge needle)

911PetChip™ - 20 Pack (12 gauge needle)

20 pack of Standard Size pet microchips - $9.95 per chip including registration - 501(c)(3) discounts are available! Call (818) 445-3022 for pricing.



911TinyChip™ - 20 Pack (16 gauge needle)

911TinyChip™ - 20 Pack (16 gauge needle)

The NEW 911TinyChip™: 20 pack of pet microchips - $10.95 per chip including registration – NEW 16-gague 911TinyChip™ needle is so small that it actually fits inside of the standard, 12-gague microchip needle! 501(c)(3) discounts are available! Call (818) 445-3022 for pricing.



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  911PetChip™ and FreePetChipRegistry™ are Participating Pet Recovery Service Registries in the AAHA Universal Pet Microchip Lookup Tool. AAHA provides an internet-based application that enables veterinarians, humane organizations, pet owners or other persons to search various Pet Recovery Service registries and identify those registries on which a particular microchip is registered. AAHA is not affiliated or involved with any specific microchip registry and has no relationship, financial or otherwise, with this Participating Pet Recovery Service Registry ("Registry"). This Registry has given AAHA permission to search the Registry's database in order to assist pet owners in being reunited with their pets. AAHA does not maintain a database of microchips of its own. It only links to registries such as this one. The AAHA Universal Microchip Lookup Tool only searches the databases of companies that elect to participate in the program.

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